Introducing Our New Collection of Premium Posters with optional Wooden Hangers!

Introducing Our New Collection of Premium Posters with optional Wooden Hangers!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new collection of premium posters featuring Robert Lariviere's captivating artwork inspired by Canadian landscapes, rural scenes, and wildlife. Alongside these stunning posters, we are also introducing minimalist wooden hangers, providing a stylish and versatile option for displaying your new art pieces.

Our Premium Posters are printed on luxurious, 200 gsm/80 lb FSC-certified paper, which is not only durable and environmentally friendly but also boasts a natural, smooth uncoated finish. This premium paper ensures that the vibrant colors and intricate details of the artwork stand out, providing you with a visually stunning piece to display in your home.

One of the featured artworks in this new collection includes "Gone Fishing," a serene scene of a boy fishing amid vibrant autumn colors. This piece, along with others in the collection, makes a perfect addition to any home decor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space.

To complement the premium posters, we are offering minimalist FSC-certified wooden hangers made of natural wood, available in four color variants: black, white, natural wood (wood material varies by availability and region, such as pine, oak, or ash), and dark wood. The hangers use a magnetic design to avoid damaging the poster while securely holding it in place. This unique design allows you to effortlessly switch prints whenever you wish, giving you the flexibility to update your decor with ease.

The wooden hangers also come with a matching cotton rope attached at the top, making it easy to hang your poster while adding a touch of charm to its overall appearance. By combining our high-quality Premium Posters with these versatile and eco-friendly wooden hangers, you can create a unique and stylish display that showcases the beauty of fine art in your home.

The launch of this new collection is a testament to our dedication to bringing fine art into your homes. The combination of the premium posters, optional wooden hangers, and exciting savings provides an elegant, versatile, and affordable way to showcase Robert Lariviere's breathtaking artwork. Explore the new collection and elevate your home decor today.

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