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A Passion project established by the shared appreciation of the fine Arts between two individuals. Our prime objective is to enhance the lives of other fine art lovers by making available a variety of content in a number of different formats. 

Be it a phone case in your hand, an affordable high-quality print, or an original piece hanging over your mantle, we strongly believe that having a piece of art can enrich your daily life and we are striving to make that available for everyone out there.

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We pride ourselves on providing fast and free shipping for all our product orders, including our new Premium Posters and optional wooden magnetic hangers. Our canvas and poster printing process is efficient, with orders being printed on demand from one of our many locations around the globe. This allows us to ensure quick delivery without sacrificing quality. We want your art to arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your new piece of art without any delays. For more general shipping information, check out our shipping policy.

High Quality Materials

Our Canvas Prints and Premium Posters are designed with quality in mind. The canvas texture adds to the natural look and feel of the image. Our Premium Posters are printed on 200 gsm/80 lb heavier-weight white matte paper with a natural, smooth uncoated finish, and can be paired with our optional wooden magnetic hangers for added style. Learn more about our posters here! We take extra care in packaging and shipping our prints to ensure no damage during transportation, and each canvas comes with a mounting kit. Please note that the edges of the canvas are not coloured. Our art prints are high-resolution reproductions of the original artwork, professionally photographed using controlled, natural lighting conditions. The end result is a reproduction that is almost indistinguishable from the original piece.

Supports the Artist

When you purchase from our selection of fine wall art prints, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of art, but you are also supporting the artist behind it. Robert Lariviere is a dedicated painter who pours his heart and soul into each of his pieces. Your purchase helps to ensure that he can continue to create and share his unique vision with the world. It is a win-win situation, where you get to own a stunning work of art, and Robert gets the support he needs to continue pursuing his passion. So, buy with confidence, knowing that your purchase is making a real difference in the life of an artist.

Portrait of Canadian artist Robert Alan Lariviere

About The Artist

Robert was born in 1948 in Hamilton Ontario to a middle class family. His dad worked at Stelco steel, on the railroad, as most dads did in Hamilton. Robert had a love of those old steam trains. His grandad would take him to see them roll into town. These trips would help inspire his imagination and passion for drawing. His mother was a housewife who raised three boys and a girl. Robert remembers his early years in school. When most kids were out playing he was drawing at the kitchen table while his mother was baking something. He was drawing battleships, cars, boats, trains, and fire trucks. Robert was quiet and his grades were below average but art was a subject he excelled in. He managed to graduate from public school and won the Art Award in grade 8. After taking a specialized course in high school and graduating, Robert went to the Ontario college of Art in Toronto. His first time living by himself in the big city. It was exciting for Robert but he missed his family back home. He enjoyed his college days and met some good friends along the way. In 1971 Robert would acquire a job as a graphic artist in Toronto and work in the field until 1994.

During his career as an artist in the commercial art field, he had little time to do his own artwork. Robert would later get married and have two wonderful daughters, leaving even less time to work on his own paintings. In 1994 Robert would shift directions away from his art career and dedicate more time to his family in Orillia. Now being retired and his girls being grown up, Robert has found more time to pursue his passion of creating art. What can we say about his art style? He likes the impressionist period of Monet, Renoir, and Paul Cezanne. He has also been inspired by the group of Seven, the books he has read, the music he has heard and places he has been to like Morocco. He channels his love for photography and draws inspiration from the pictures he takes recreating paintings of these locations. Robert loves his labradoodle named Maya, his daughters and son-in-laws and the cherished close friends that keep him happy and make life enjoyable. He currently passes his time in his art room creating new original pieces for friends, family and all to enjoy.

Artist Statement

I am a painter and also enjoy my photography and drawing. My name is Robert Alan Lariviere. My paintings are mostly created in acrylic on canvas but I also work in watercolor, coloured inks and pen and ink. I paint landscapes, rural scenes, wildlife and pet portraits along with other things people wish. Most of my works are for family and friends collections. I am inspired by the many blessings I have in my life. Experimenting with different techniques makes painting more of a challenge and one never knows how the end result will turn out. Inspiration comes from seeing the Group of Seven in Kleinburg, Ontario and from the French impressionistic period. Monet is my favorite of that group. When I was five I remember painting and drawing. I had a love of art and those artists, then I started creating my own work. The art created is for my personal pleasure and I feel that it's something I have to keep doing. I see ideas in my mind and I have to create them on canvas. I hope to see my audience find some enjoyment in the work. My work has changed over the years but I feel it is contemporary in style for this time. It is realistic but I keep it loose and free so the viewer can see what his or her mind perceives. My overall vision is to get as many people as possible to see my work. They say a picture says a thousand words. That in itself is a lot of comments from people.

-Robert Alan Lariviere